On this page, you will find a range of writing aids. You can narrow your search using the drop-down menu below.

Some of the materials have been created by Yale-NUS faculty and peer tutors. Others are materials from writing programmes at other colleges that we have found especially helpful. You will find many of these handouts in hard copy in the Writers’ Centre. You can also ask peer tutors for recommendations when you come for a tutoring session.

The Writers’ Centre also has a library of books available for borrowing. They can be checked out from the Programme Manager. There are multiple copies of academic writing guides like They Say, I Say and The Craft of Research, creative writing handbooks, and books by authors who have visited Yale-NUS.

A note on the Yale-NUS materials: The Faculty-generated materials are the result of many years’ experience of teaching and assessing written assignments. When a Faculty member finds that he/ she is writing similar comments on different student papers, he/ she often decides to create a handout on it to broadcast the message more widely. The Student-generated materials are composed by Peer Writing Tutors working with specialist Faculty. They respond to specific disciplinary writing challenges that students face in their assignments at Yale-NUS. These materials do not claim to represent an official college position on writing style and convention; they are not necessarily underpinned by any particular pedagogical creed; and they do not all speak with one voice on the same issue. Nevertheless, they speak from a breadth of experience, and we are sure that you will pick up several useful tips if you take some time to browse!

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